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LogMeIn – Remote Access to your Mac

March 24th, 2010 by Peter MacLaren

LogMeInSo you have a desktop Mac and a MacBook for when you are traveling. You suddenly realize the file you need is on your desktop Mac at home. You are a MobileMe subscriber so you try “Back-to-my-Mac” – and as usual it does NOT work. Why? Because “Back-to-my-Mac” is VERY dependent on the router settings both at your home and where you are trying to access from. Largely out-with your control.

Don’t give up. LogMeIn is the answer. You set it up on your home computer and you can then access your home files – and run apps on your home computer remotely if you wish – in a secure, password protected session from any browser on any computer anywhere. Just like that! And it’s free to try! The earlier versions had a few issues, but I have been using the current version for a few weeks and it works beautifully. Your troubles are over! Enjoy…

One thought on “LogMeIn – Remote Access to your Mac

  1. Maggie Hibma

    I’m glad your having a great experience with LogMeIn. Many people have found it useful while traveling, and it sounds like a great solution for those who stay with you.

    You can let your travelers know that LogMeIn works on a PC as well as a Mac.

    Maggie Hibma
    Social Media Coordinator, LogMeIn

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