Harmony Remote 659

Harmony Remote

Have you had the experience of checking into a B&B equipped with a TV, cable or satellite box, perhaps a DVD  player and Videotape player, and then be confronted with a table top full of remotes and a page of instructions?  Just what you need after several hours of driving, dreaming of a few days of hassle free relaxation away from the stresses of every day life? Not!

At West Hill House we remove the frustration.  All our guest rooms do come with all the above equipment, but with only ONE remote to control them all. (Apologies to JRR Tolkien!)

The Harmony Remote is something special. It is an “activity” based remote. What this means is that when you want to watch TV you press the button labelled “Watch TV” and everything is set up for your viewing pleasure.  And “Watch a Movie ” to watch a movie – you get the idea.  And one “Off” button.

Originally developed by a Canadian company located near Toronto, the product is now part of the Logitech family.  There are a wide variety of models – we use the 659 in the guest rooms, and the 720 in the Sun Room to control the wide range of entertainment options available there for our guests.

Just one more way that at West Hill House we combine rest and relaxation with a bit of sophistication to provide a consistently excellent experience for our guests.