We are now featuring 3 wines from Vermont’s East Shore Vineyard in our honor bar at West Hill House.

East Shore Vineyard is located in Grand Isle, Vermont on East Shore North overlooking Lake Champlain. In addition to creating a breathtaking backdrop to their vineyard, Lake Champlain helps make ESV an excellent place for growing grapes.

The deep lake waters provide them with a micro climate favorable for growing winter hardy cultivars capable of producing world class wines.

The wines:

  • Frontenac Rosé features deep mahogany hues and cherry aromas. On the palate, this wine is lively, flavorful, and balances a crisp acidity with just a touch of sweetness – making it semi-dry. Notable are its dark cherry and spice flavors followed by its balanced and refreshing finish.
  • Traminette is quickly becoming a favorite for all those lucky enough to have discovered it. A slightly spicy, off-dry white wine that harkens back to its Gewürztraminer and Seyval Blanc roots; very floral on the nose, slightly fruity on the palette finishing with a brisk, very clean acidity.
  • Cabernet Franc is a staple for wine bars and bistros throughout France, symbolizes a signature varietal from France’s Loire Valley. Our Cab is a medium-bodied, highly aromatic red, with a plum cherry start, and smooth tobacco finish that has a distinctive, tangy “old world” feel.

Their Traminette won a double gold medal in 2009 Tasters Guild International Wine Judging Event and the Cabernet Franc won a bronze medal.

For more information on Vermont Wines check out the VermontWine.com website.