Xmenu application and file launcher

Xmenu application and file launcher

You still miss the old Apple Menu from the pre OS X days? Me too! Well there’s good news – there is something even better now available…

For a number of years I used Fruit Menu which worked well, but it initially had problems with OS X 10.6 so I went looking for something else. And discovered XMenu.

This program brings back the old-style Apple Menu to Mac OS X. It is separate from the OS X Apple Menu. It also sits in the menu bar and it is a complete hierarchal application launcher and direct file launcher: you customize it exactly as you want it to work, and it is REALLY easy to set up and use.

In addition “Snippets”, its companion menu, allows you to save text clippings, Internet locations etc. that can be easily accessed and inserted into the current application. Great for “boiler plate” text, and for userIDs for those awkward websites that don’t follow standards so you can’t use the default ID “memory” built into Safari and Firefox.

And more.

The price? FREE. Download XMenu from this page and enjoy.