MacBook Air

The thin MacBook Air

So having got your interest in my last Mac blog in Google Chrome, and ditching your G4 laptop for an Intel machine, what should you buy?

The new MacBook Air may be the answer. This is one sweet machine, and now at a comparable price to the regular MacBooks. The key is evaluating your needs.

It’s easy to dismiss the “Air” due to its lack of a DVD drive, but when you are traveling how often do you really need this functionality? And when you are at home base there are two good options for external approaches – the modest cost for a separate drive or the use of a drive on another Mac (or even PC) on your home office network.

So if you take the DVD drive off the table, what’s not to like? The “Air” is about half the weight of its comparable MacBook, it is surprisingly fast due to its Flash drive, and it has DRAMATIC battery life. 7 hours for the 3lb (1.5kg) 13inch laptop – wow!

If you have been thinking about an iPad but are not sure you are ready for a soft keyboard or the restrictions of the iPhone OS, the “Air” is what you have been waiting for. The 11inch model is about the same size as an iPad, only slightly heavier, and with almost the same battery life.

Head down to your nearest Apple store, and just pick one of these up, both literally and figuratively! You’ll be amazed. Or even better let me show you one first by coming to stay at West Hill House. You won’t be disappointed in either decision!