The Browser Wars have a new entrant, and it’s definitely worth trying. (At least on a Mac – can’t comment on that other OS that some people still use!).Google Chrome

Google has done it again – Google Chrome in my view is currently the best browser out there. Better than Firefox, better than Safari.

It’s fast – amazingly so. Some benchmarks have been published that show it being a little slower than Safari 5, but in real life web browsing it is MUCH faster.

A neat feature is that you can search and navigate from the same box. The search box will accept a normal URL, but it will also search your history, your bookmarks and do a Google search all at the same time providing a continuously updating list of matching pages as you type.

And it has neat little touches – for example if you open a new tab from an existing one the tab shows up immediately to right of the existing tab – not at the far right as in Safari. An unexpected benefit: when you close the new tab you immediately get shown the prior tab. Really handy for quickly checking a link without losing your train of thought.

And it incorporates most of the neat features that the latest versions of Safari and Firefox have got us all used to. Plus those extensions

Check it out! Note it requires an Intel Mac – if you were waiting a for a good reason to ditch your old G4 or G5, this is it!