The Warren Falls in surge mode, near Warren, VT, attribution to Jeremy Montemagni as shown on photo.

The Warren Falls in surge mode

Wow – we had a lot of rain in the Mad River Valley over the last couple of days. All of the North East was inundated. While we had no problems at West Hill House (we are almost 1000 ft above the valley floor, so well away from surging rivers), there were a few problems that needed remedial action along Route 100. The photographs on the Valley Reporter website tell the story. The photo shown here, from their collection, is an amazing view of the Warren Falls taken by Jeremy Montemagni.

However the good news is that it is over. Sun is forecast for the next 10 days, the colors are amazing both on the trees and among the leaves already on the ground, so come and admire the foliage. We still have some openings this week (October 3rd and 4th only), and we still have our amazing and fun “Leak Raving Special” open from the 17th onwards.