Mountain Lion

Mac users should head to the App Store in your desktop Dock App Store iconand get Mountain Lion. It is absoutely worth the nominal price of $19.95. And as the look and feel and basics are unchanged, it is an easy update to handle.

I (Peter) have now updated 3 Macs and have had no issues.  Some neat things to note:

  • Overall Finder is quite a bit slicker. Actions result in almost instant results, eliminating some of the lag that I have seen in recent OS releases.
  • The new Safari 6.0 is great. (It is also available on Lion if you don’t want to update your OS yet). A great step forward is the adoption of the single address and search field that has been one of Chrome’s unique strengths till now.  While password storage is still based on Keychain the integrated preference pane is much easier to use. In my testing it also much faster than prior version and certainly equals Chrome.  So it is time to move back from Chrome to Safari I think!
  • The notification feature is neat and quite customizable.
  • I am REALLY enjoying experimenting with dictation! You do need to speak clearly but the accuracy is excellent if you do.
  • Software updating for the OS and apps in the Apple Store now works much like the iPad and iPhone–a much easier process.
  • Plus you will find tweaks and improvements across all the built-in apps.
  • Apple Store for Consultants

You will need a relatively recent Mac to make the leap up the Mountain, but I think it is fair to say that if you are running older hardware it is time to upgrade to take advantage of the speed and built-in storage of the more recent Macs.

Apple Store for ConsultantsIf you have a nice LCD monitor already the Mac mini is a great choice, and I really love the Macbook Air–as I have blogged about before–if you need a laptop.  See the links on the right for more info. The new Macbook Retina is a brilliant piece of engineering, but it is likely to be over the top for most users for now.

If you need more help don’t forget that I am a Mac Consultant.  My rates are very competitive and advice is free for guests at the West Hill House breakfast table!