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Mush Ado About Something: Dog Sledding in Vermont

Dog Sledding in Vermont

One of the things we here at West Hill House B&B pride ourselves in is providing our guests with the kind of unique experiences they’ll remember for years to come. Something that you will return to in your mind time and again as having been the vacation of vacations.

It is with this in mind that we mention (and heartily suggest) one of our state’s best-kept secret, vacation activities: dog sledding in Vermont!

Be honest: did you ever think you’d have a chance to work with a team of sled dogs? Sure, you’ve read about it, seen it in movies, and watched with interest the progress and results of the Iditarod on the news – but the chance to actually mush a group of huskies across a field of snow … who on earth gets an opportunity to do that?

Why, you do!

October Siberians offers folks the chance to take a two-hour dog sled tour through the winter wonderland of Little River State Park – just 30 minutes from our B&B, here in Mad River Valley!

October Siberians uses special, tandem dogsleds that are designed to give you a real feel for driving the team; this is not just some passive amusement ride. You’ll get a little hands-on experience working with the team of pure-bred, Siberian Huskies and come to see why they truly love doing what they were bred to do.

The course you’ll be taking through Little River State Park is diverse enough to be both exciting and safe. You’ll learn a little history, see some beautiful scenery, and have yourself an adventure to remember for years to come.

If you’re interested in having this one-of-a-kind experience, let us know and we’ll book it for you but please be sure to give us plenty of advance notice as there is limited availability and, of course, the experience is weather dependent.

Dog sledding in Vermont – it doesn’t get much more interesting than this!

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