Leak Raving Vermont Fall Lodging SpecialLast month we talked all about Vermont’s impressive and popular fall foliage. Now we can offer even more incentive for you to get out into those fabulous Autumn colors with our Vermont fall lodging special!

If you haven’t experienced autumn here in the Mad River Valley then you may not have really experienced autumn. Not in all of its Central Vermont glory, anyhow! Further, Autumn is festival season in Vermont! Craft fairs, food fairs, harvest festivals, Oktoberfest celebrations, and local fairs of all types help make a day’s lea-peeping that much more rewarding. And there you sit, missing out.

We here at West Hill House B&B are nothing if not compassionate, however, and so we offer an annual Vermont fall lodging special that will have you literally raking in the savings.

Our Leak Raving Special runs from October 15th to October 22nd and … Huh? What’s Leak Raving, you ask?

Why, its a spoonerism of “leaf raking.” You see, our Vermont fall lodging special nets you 50% savings off a stay of two nights or more for every day that you rake our lawn for three hours or more.

See? I told you you’d be literally raking in the savings!

This time of year, Central Vermont sees mixed weather but it is usually clear enough – some would say “just perfect” – for walking, cycling, and leaf-peeping. As always, the views are spectacular.

Now, supposing the weather doesn’t cooperate with your leaf-raking getaway. No problem! If you book our Vermont fall lodging special and the weather does not allow for such shenanigans while you are here, you’ll still receive 15% off your stay of two nights or more!

Vermont Fall Lodging Special

West Hill House B&ampB’s Leak Raving Special starts on October 15th and runs until October 22nd, the latest. I say “latest” because someone else may beat you to the punch. We can’t exactly offer a Leak Raving special if there are no leaks to rave at, now can we? Once the leaves are gone, so, too, is our annual Vermont fall lodging special.

Don’t let someone else come and take the pleasure of raking our lovely Vermont lawn away from you. Book your West Hill House B&B Leak Raving special now! You can do so on-line using the Photo code “Leak” or just give us a call at 802-496-7162.

See you soon!