Leak Raving is the spoonerism for Leaf Raking, a great challenge every fall after the leaves are mainly on the ground. Come and enjoy the fun! Stay two or more nights starting October 15th and get 50% off for each day you rake leaves for 3 or more hours.

This special runs till October 22nd or sooner if we get finished! If you book the special and the weather does not permit raking while you are here, we will still give you 15% off your stay!

This season of the year has mixed weather, but it is often a great time for walking and cycling: with the leaves off the tress the views from various vantage points can be quite spectacular.

You can book this Leak Raving special on-line using Photo code “Leak”, or call us at 802-496-7162.

Valid on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 through Sunday, October 22, 2017

Categories: Fall Specials