In endeavoring to protect the environment, reduce our carbon footprint, and reduce the use of toxic materials, West Hill House B&B has, so far, made the following changes and improvements to our green hotel in Vermont.

Major initiatives:

  • In August 2015 we had the ribbon cutting on the Solar Array that covers 100% of our electric power costs over the year.
  • Our main company vehicle is now a leased Tesla S75D (all-wheel drive), charged by electrons from our Solar Array.
  • Recognized in 2015 as a Green Leader, Gold Level by Trip Advisor.
  • In December 2014 we added complimentary EV charging for our guests, both 240V 80A for Tesla and 240V J1772 at 40A.
  • Added a solar hot water pre-heating system in February 2009 on our south facing roof, designed to supply up to two thirds of our hot water year round.
  • Recognized in November 2008 as a “Green Hotel” by the Vermont Environmental & Regulatory Assistance Program.
  • Replaced the oil boiler and two direct fired propane water heaters in 2007 with a high efficiency condensing propane boiler and an indirect hot water tank heated by the same boiler. This change has not only reduced energy usage, it has also significantly improved the availability of hot water for our guests at peak times.

Other initiatives:

  • Replaced non-dimmable light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) back in 2006, then replaced all bulbs starting in 2013 with LEDs. The subsidies provided by Efficiency Vermont made these changes a very cost effective undertaking.
  • While West Hill House B&B has evolved from an original building constructed around 1856 and was not designed to be energy efficient, we continue to make improvements to insulation.
  • We have replaced most cleaning products with environmentally friendly cleaners and we continue to evaluate alternatives.
  • We recycle all items accepted for recycling by our Waste Disposal company. All guest rooms have recycling bins to encourage guests to recycle where possible. Over one half of our garbage (by volume) is now recycled.
  • We compost. Virtually all left-overs and food waste is collected and taken to a centralized composting service, where it is processed and sold to farmers and gardeners. Using this service allows us to compost year round.
  • Guests visiting during the ski season have the option of taking the shuttle bus to Sugarbush in ski season each morning and back in the afternoon, eliminating unnecessary car trips.
  • To discourage the use of bottled water, we strongly encourage guests to make use of our excellent spring-fed well water – see our related blog entry: Time to Retire Bottled water. We provide complimentary re-useable water bottles.

West Hill House B&B remains committed to taking ongoing actions to reduce our environmental impact as a green hotel in Vermont, while continuing to provide an attractive place to relax in the beautiful Green Mountains for our guests.

Peter & Susan