Meet Your Hosts,

Innkeepers—Susan & Peter MacLaren

Running a B&B is hard work, but the rewards—meeting fascinating people and living in our favorite place in the world year round—make it all worthwhile.


Since we bought West Hill House B&B in April of 2006, we have watched the seasons come and go from the vantage point of the Mad River Valley and have continued to appreciate the opportunity to live and work in such a beautiful place.

Between the two of us, we have lived and traveled in Scotland, England, Canada, France, and all over the US, before finally making West Hill House B&B our home.

Guests Tony & Donna add their comments in the video…

Meet Peter

Peter retired from a 35-year career in the telecommunications industry, which took him to many countries worldwide, before taking on the role of Head of the Engineering-Maintenance-Advertising-Finance-Snow Removal Department at our B&B. He still finds time to read, ski, and help Mac users in his role as an Apple Certified Mac Consultant. He also speaks some French and loves to practice when we have French speaking guests.

Meet Susan

Susan has been married to Peter now for over 35 years. Intriguingly, about 30 years ago she was an historical interpreter working in costume and in character at an 1880’s vintage “stopping house” (the progenitor to a B&B) in an Historic Park in Edmonton Alberta. It must have been good training as she now enthusiastically pursues her activities as Head of the Purchasing-Decorating-Food-Wedding Coordinating Department at our B&B, although the role of Head of Housekeeping challenges that enthusiasm at times. She makes amazing breakfasts!

We Look Forward To Seeing You

Feel free to call or email us for more information. A warm welcome awaits each and every one of you. Also both Peter and Susan are certified Vermont Ambassadors.