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The Covered Bridges Around The Mad River Valley

Unique, quaint, and picturesque: Vermont’s covered bridges have an undeniable universal appeal. The covered bridges around the Mad River Valley are no exception and touring the countryside to see all 8 of them makes for a wonderful outing.

There’s just something about a covered bridge. It doesn’t matter if the bridge is long or short, painted or unfinished, with or without windows: people love the things. I personally think it’s because the covered bridge combines the bridge with the tunnel, two of the many things we humans seem to enjoy making and being around.

What a lot of folks don’t know is that the covered bridge is covered not to provide protection for people or their vehicles but, rather the bridge, itself! Replacing shingles or even wall planks is much easier than replacing bridge timbers, thus the cover is there to keep the bridge in better shape, longer.

Vermont’s Mad River Valley contains or is close to eight of these iconic covered bridges, each one unique and worth a visit. Allow us to show you the way to:

The Covered Bridges Around The Mad River Valley!

We’ll assume you’re starting off from West Hill House B&B because you’re a discerning individual who enjoys the better things in life, such as delicious, homemade breakfasts served in a certified Green Hotel located on a quiet country lane …

Big Eddy Bridge
Leaving our Vermont B&B, take West Hill Road or the Sugarbush Access Road to Route 100, then turn left (north) towards Waitsfield. Drive past the pond at the Big Picture Theater, then down the hill and right onto the aptly named Bridge Street, which leads to the Big Eddy Bridge.

Pine Brook Covered Bridge
Continue along Bridge Street, keeping left at the fork to join Joslin Hill Road. Take another left onto North Road at the T intersection. Then even though the pavement changes to gravel keep straight ahead at the next intersection and you will see the Pine Brook Bridge; one of the smallest covered bridges and often overlooked by visitors.

Upper Cox Brook Covered Bridge
Continue on North Road then, about a mile after it turns into Pony Farm Road, turn right onto VT Route 100B. Continue until you come to Moretown Mountain Road (approx 0.4 miles/0.6 km). Turn right onto Moretown Mountain Road (warning – this road can be muddy and even closed for a few weeks in the spring – check with Peter or Susan!) and follow it until it becomes Cox Brook Road. A little less than 2 miles (3 km) more and you will be rewarded with the Upper Cox Brook Covered Bridge.

Newell Bridge
Stay on Cox Brook Road and you’ll soon arrive at Newell Bridge, also known as the Lower Cox Brook Bridge. Now hang on a minute and take a look – see the other covered bridge? That’s Northfield Falls Bridge. You’re in the only spot in Vermont where you can view one covered bridge from another! I’ll wait until you’re done taking this awesome photo …

Northfield Falls Bridge
Continue on Cox Brook Road to the already visible Northfield Falls Bridge, also known as Station Bridge.

Slaughter House Bridge
Turn right onto Route 12 and, after a quarter mile (0.4km) you’ll see Slaughterhouse Road on your right and the Slaughter House Bridge.

Tiny Mosely Bridge
Continue south along Route 12 for around 3 miles (5km) then bear right onto Route 12A. Follow this for another mile and a half or so (2.5 km), keeping an eye open for a right turn onto Stoney Brook Road where, less than a mile (1.5km) up it, you’ll come across Tiny Mosely Bridge.

Lincoln Gap Bridge
Head back the way you came to VT-12A and turn right (south) towards Roxbury. Follow this for around four and a half miles (7km), then take another right on Warren Mountain Road, heading west (warning – this road can be muddy and even closed for a few weeks in the spring – check with Peter or Susan!). Stay on this route for another 5.7 miles (9km)—it’s steep so drive carefully— until you come to a 4-way intersection with a left on Brook Road as an option: take it. Brook Road will take you into Warren, where you’ll want to take a left on Main Street until you can take a right on Covered Bridge Road and: voila. There it is: the Lincoln Gap Bridge.

There it is! You’ve done it! Drive through the bridge, swing left on the far side, and then when you get back to Route 100 turn left then immediately right onto the Lincoln Gap Road. Drive about one and a half miles (2.5km) then take West Hill Road on your right up the steep hill back to West Hill House B&B!

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