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A Green Hotel In The Green Mountain State

West Hill House B&B prides itself not only in providing top-tier hospitality but also for doing so in an environmentally friendly way. We’ve been a certified Green Hotel since 2009 and, in the last couple of years, have added EV charging stations and gone 100% solar-powered!

We’ve always worked hard to make sure your stay with us is the best it can possibly be. Some of our efforts may not be so obvious, however, despite their long-reaching implications.

Much of the work we put into remaining a certified “Green Hotel” goes on behind the scenes, rather than in the spotlight.

A Green Hotel In The Green Mountain State

After you finish your West Hill House B&B gourmet breakfast, for example, you likely have no idea that any scraps are composting through the CVSWMD (Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District). You don’t need to know this to enjoy your meal but knowing the waste is going towards helping the environment rather than a landfill is certainly a plus!

Likewise, the fact that West Hill House B&B has been 100% solar powered since September of 2015 doesn’t impact your stay with us in any way. Yet it certainly impacts your world positively. We get our power from a local solar farm: the Same Sun Solar Society of Poultney, Vermont.

Even before we went 100% solar, West Hill House B&B added EV chargers to our list of amenities. This is especially powerful now, given all the new Tesla cars on the road and the new Chevy Bolt. Both have extended range, allowing their owners to get out and explore more of the country with less “range anxiety.”

We presently offer four different chargers for your electric car: two 240V Tesla chargers rated at 80A, a 240V J1772 rated at 40A, and another at 25A. This means that you can charge your electric car overnight or, if you own a Tesla Model S, in about 4 hours!

One of the best aspects of this is that, since we are 100% solar powered, this means you are charging your electric car with clean energy!

There many ways that West Hill House B&B qualifies as a “Green Hotel,” certified by both TripAdvisor and the state of Vermont. If you’d like to learn more, visit our Environmental Policies page.

Better yet, book a stay with us and see first hand!

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