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Enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas At West Hill House B&B!

West Hill House B&B Thanksgiving dinner!Come to Vermont’s Mad River Valley this Thanksgiving or Christmas and enjoy dinner at our house with the West Hill House B&B celebration feast add-on!

These special times of year are when we gather together and celebrate all that is good in our lives: our friends and family, health, happiness, and more. It is meant as a time of reflection and coming together as the days shorten. A way of celebrating the good, warm, and friendly aspects of our lives together in this world.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way.

All too often there is a tussle over who hosts the dinner. Feelings are in danger of being hurt and the negative emotions can color the holiday. Or maybe the job of creating the meal causes more stress than any one holiday can possibly mitigate. Getting all those dishes done well and on time is no easy task!

Enjoying Christmas dinner at West Hill House B&BIf you’re facing these or any other issues, why not take advantage of West Hill House B&B’s Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner offer?

Every year, West Hill House B&B hosts a Thanksgiving dinner and a Christmas Dinner – and you and your significant other are invited! Come on and join us as we gather ’round our big dining room table for a celebration dinner.

Our feast always features lots of favorites created by Susan with lots of locally grown produce.

Menu details may change slightly, depending on what’s available. We’re pretty traditional when it comes to these celebrations, though, so you can count on all of the usual favorites.

Book your Celebration Feast at West Hill House B&B

In order to take advantage of the West Hill House B&B celebration dinners, we ask that you stay with us for at least two nights, ideally arriving the evening before. Stay longer if possible!

You can call ahead at (802) 496-7162 or just  book your stay online over these holidays and add dinner for everyone in your party! Or for a better deal book three or more nights using promo code “Thanksgiving” or “Noel” as appropriate for an inclusive price.

This year, let someone else (us!) worry about the meal while you sit back and enjoy yourself.

Novel idea, eh? We thought you’d like it!

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Give The Gift of West Hill House This Holiday Season

Give your loved one an extraordinary gift of a stay at our inn.  We offer gift certificates in many amounts.