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Hiker Safety: Use Common Sense and Have a Great Adventure in Vermont

Hiker safety is especially important as spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Each year as the weather improves, hikers are getting their gear ready for upcoming explorations.

The Vermont wilderness is a wonderful area to explore. Whether you want to go for an easy walk or you are ready for a more rigorous outing, there is a trail for you and the views are amazing.

Hikers on Mountain
Hikers atop Camel’s Hump, elevation 4,081′ (1244m.)

In Vermont the weather is ever changing especially in the spring. Trailheads may show beautiful green leaves, have warm temperatures and perhaps light spring showers. As the trail rises in elevation the spring showers can turn to the wintry mix of snow, sleet and rain. At the higher elevations such as on The Long Trail, Mt. Abraham, or Camel’s Hump, the long-lasting snowpack keeps the ground frozen longer and air temperatures cooler, wind can also be an issue. Boots can become soaked and trails can be difficult to follow.

It is important for spring hikers to be prepared for various weather conditions. Waterproof boots with good soles, extra layers of clothing, maps, compasses and a headlamp should be part of the hiking gear. Don’t count on having cell phone service on the hiking trails.

In the summer the weather can be changeable as well. The temperatures at the top of the mountain trails can be 15 degrees (10 degrees C) or more lower than they are here at the B&B. Summer rains storms can also come on suddenly so preparedness is a must.

Using common sense is important. Turn around and head back to the trailhead if there is the threat of bad weather or if the trails are snow covered. We don’t want to have to send out a search party for you!

Also please stay ON the trail to avoid damage to sensitive vegetation, and respect any closed signs.

Officials from the Vermont State Police and Department of Public Safety encourage you to stay safe while enjoying the beginning of hiking season, by being careful as you climb higher into the mountains where spring may not yet have arrived.

Information taken from Vermont State Police press release 5/5/17 #VTHIKESAFE

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