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Green Hotel in a Green State: Sustainable Accommodations

West Hill House B&B is known for many things. From our cozy rooms to classic architecture, to outstanding hospitality to friendly house cats – we hope that our dedication to environmental sustainability remains at the top of your list when you think of us. Here are some of the things we are doing to continue our work as a Green Hotel in a Green State.

Green Charging for Dr Tesla100% Solar-Powered Lodging

In 2015 we reached our longtime goal to become 100% solar-powered. This is one step in reducing our footprint and helping the Green Mountain state to become even greener. The energy for West Hill House B&B’s solar-powered lodging comes from a solar farm known as the Same Sun Solar Society of Poultney, Vermont. How’s that for sustainable accommodations?

Let’s Get Your Charge On!

Sometimes we like to joke and call our hotel a “BEB” instead of a “BnB”. What’s that little “E” in the middle of Bed and Breakfast? That would be the complimentary “Electrons” provided to any hybrid or electric cars that come to stay with us. While we have officially been a Green Hotel since 2008, we later added charging points for electric vehicles and then two more, dedicated charging options for Tesla owners.

Bye Bye Bottled Water

In 2012 we officially launched our campaign to end bottled water usage at the B&B. We start our mission by requesting that guests do not bring bottled water with them. If they do, we have recycling options available. But it’s best to just skip that single-use plastic all together! To help people stay hydrated, we provide a complimentary reusable water bottle to every single guest which they can fill up with our wonderful spring fed well water. If we’re going to ask you not to bring bottled water, we’ve got to help you on the other side!

How Else is the B&B Green?Vermont red barn inn - Handsome Red Barn at West Hill House B&B

The list continues and each year we discover new ways to add to it. We have composting and recycling programs. We pre-heat our hot water using panels on our roof. We use low power LED lighting and offer reusable shopping bags for guests. Our coffee and many other cooking ingredients are from sustainable local partners. Our main company car is a Tesla, which of course gets most of its charging courtesy of our solar power.

It means a lot to us that we are not only reducing our negative impact but increasing our positive impact.

Mad River Valley TV worked with us to produce a short video about our Green efforts. To learn more watch a short interview with Peter…

If you have questions about what it means to be a Green Hotel in a Green State or suggestions for how we might improve, let us know! Currently, we keeping an eye on all single-use plastic and waste leaving the hotel and finding new ways to manage those elements. We hope you’ll visit soon! Check out our guest rooms by clicking here.

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