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Stick Season in Vermont

November has another nickname around here and we call it Stick Season. Once the last of the leaves shake themselves from the trees, pushed to the ground by wind or rain or just the passing of time, the bare trees create a different sort of landscape and we only see it for a short time each year. Stick season is a quiet, subtle sort of beauty that invites you to explore the changing seasons in Vermont.

The Beauty of Stick Season

Handsome Red Barn reflected in pond in Stick Season

The beauty of stick season is not the same as the bold colors of fall, the lush green of the summer, or the sparkling white of snowcapped winter. Stick season is a quiet, subtle sort of beauty that shows Vermont in its barest form. We can see the trunks rising high up into the sky, like a grey and blue painting. You can more easily see deer wandering between the trunks, no longer hidden by so much foliage. The tall pines are a contrast to the bare deciduous trees, the Vermont forest becoming even more unique in this new color scheme. The Mad River Valley is full of walking, hiking, and biking trails perfect for exploring the landscape of Vermont this season.

What to Do in November

The beauty of Vermont lies in the vast appeal all year long. There are simply so many things to do. Sure, racing down the mountains in winter and spring, hiking along the ridgeline in the summer, and photographing the fall foliage may get the most attention, but that doesn’t mean Vermont doesn’t have just as much to offer in these “off-seasons”. Hiking and biking can take on a new life now that the temperatures have cooled and you’ll find fewer people on the trails. It’s an opportunity for solace and peace that may be tricky to find in the busiest seasons of Vermont.

The shops that sell unique Vermont items, the sugar makers getting ready to tap the trees, the ice cream factories, the cider presses, the craft breweries, and every other industry are also in full swing like always. Vermont is more than just leaves on trees, it’s a bustling community of local makers, shop owners, and business people offering their best to everyone who stops by. We love recommending our favorite Mad River shops and restaurants so be sure to ask!

Tis the Season of GratitudeThanksgiving Dinner at West Hill House B&B

November is also special for the holidays that fall within it, specifically, Thanksgiving. We are renewed every season when we look out our windows at the stunning Vermont scenery around us. No matter the season, no matter the reason, we love Vermont and are eager to share our state with you. Our annual Thanksgiving dinner is a special moment for guests to gather around our table and share a meal – you can add it when you book a stay over Thanksgiving. Building a moment of community is a rare moment and one that we treasure every season. Please take a look at our rooms and give us a call if we can help you in any way!

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