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Fall in Vermont! Getting Your 5 Senses Worth: Dazzle Your Senses

The age-old expression, “my 2 cents worth”, is often heard, however here in the Mad River Valley you can get your 5 senses worth! It’s Fall in Vermont!

SEE the fall colors.

Autumn colors in Vermont.
The amazing colors of autumn in Vermont and the babbling brook tease your senses.

How would you describe Vermont in the fall? Whatever the description of fall in Vermont, it will most certainly include the changing colors of the leaves. Fall in Vermont is bound to dazzle your senses.

Author Rudyard and Caroline Kipling lived in Vermont from 1892 to 1896. From all accounts, Kipling loved the outdoors, not least of whose marvels in Vermont was the turning of the leaves each fall.

He described this moment in a letter: “A little maple began it, flaming blood-red of a sudden where he stood against the dark green of a pine-belt. Next morning there was an answering signal from the swamp where the sumacs grow. Three days later, the hillsides as far as the eye could range were afire, and the roads paved, with crimson and gold. Then a wet wind blew, and ruined all the uniforms of that gorgeous army; and the oaks who had held themselves in reserve, buckled on their dull and bronzed cuirasses and stood it out stiffly to the last blown leaf, till nothing remained but pencil-shadings of bare boughs, and one could see into the most private heart of the woods.”

How lucky we are to live in the midst of this amazingly colorful forest and to welcome guests who come to marvel at the spectacle. ‘Leaf peepers’ come to Vermont every fall to experience this wonderful scene and awaken their senses. From mid-September to mid- October and sometimes later, you can observe one of the miracles of nature.

The view from our big front window is slightly different day-to-day, it is like a slow-motion movie.  As the leaves start to turn from green to the multitude of brilliant colors then slowly fade, the wind will tumble them to the ground.

HEAR­­­ the silence!

No noise pollution, no roaring traffic, no sirens, no loud neighbors, just silence. And lots of it! As Will Rogers once said, “Never miss a good chance to shut up.” So, when you walk along one of the many local nature trails, take his advice (also turn off your earbuds!) and listen to the sounds in silence. What are they saying? What can you learn from it?

Fall in Vermont brings maple leaves crunching beneath your feet.
Fall in Vermont brings maple leaves crunching beneath your feet.

Are your feet crunching in the fallen leaves? Can hear birds calling? Are Canada Geese flying overhead? Is the wind rustling the leaves? Are the squirrels chattering and scurrying through the undergrowth? Can you hear the brook babbling? The silence of nature can bring even the smallest sounds in nature to your ears.

Needless to say, silence can be calming as it assists in lowering your blood pressure and stress level. Whether in the daytime or the nighttime, take time to be silent, take a deep breath, and listen to the world around you. One of our guests said it is so quiet at night you can hear the stars twinkle!

SMELL the clean, fresh air.

Vermont has much less industry, commerce and traffic than many of the cities from which our guests come. There is nothing like taking a cup of coffee with you to the front porch where you can sit and breath in the fresh mountain air and enjoy the nature around you.

Whether you are hiking, mountain biking, kayaking or just relaxing in a hammock enjoy in that wonderful mountain air. This clean Vermont air carries on it the scent of flowers, grass, earth, trees, and yes, the occasional cow barn, but that’s country life! After the rain the smell of the forest surrounds you.Take a deep breath – makes you wonder how you manage to breath in the city!

FEEL the soft, refreshing breeze on your face.

The path under your feet. The rough bark on the trees. It is the sense of touch which aids the brain in receiving information on the world around it, thus helping you enjoy your place in time and nature. The fall brings cool breezes that kiss your cheeks. Fall also brings bright sunny days bringing the warmth of the sun on your back. The rainy days give you the opportunity to feel the raindrops as you catch them on your tongue. Hiking along our many trails (easy ones or harder ones) you can feel the rocks underfoot reminding you of the foundation upon which Vermont is built. As your fingertips touch the leaves and bark of the trees you feel both the softness of the foliage and the sturdiness of the protective bark.

TASTE the local produce.

Received fresh from the farm the day after they were harvested.
Received fresh from the farm the day after they were harvested.

Vermont Farmers’ Markets are filled with fall produce, everything you can imagine from honey to veggies, fruit, meat and cheese to name but a few. The Farmers’ Market in The Mad River Valley welcomes shoppers on Saturday mornings through to the end of October. Not only is the produce amazing, you get to talk to the people who grew it.

Many of our  restaurants include local produce in their recipes. Vermont is also famous for craft beer, spirits, wine, artisan cheeses, hand-made chocolates, health foods, bread and much more. The Mad River Taste Place is a one stop shop where you can sample quite a few products Vermont has become famous for.

Spend some time in the Mad River Valley.

Enjoy the colors of fall, the sounds in silence, the smell of fresh air, feel of nature around you and the taste of wonderful products. It won’t take long for you to get your 5 senses worth!


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