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Vermont Festival of the Arts

May 16, 2010 by Peter MacLaren

The Vermont Festival of the Arts is a month long celebration of the arts, including demonstrations and workshops in fields such as painting, cooking (& eating!), photography, poetry, meditation, gardening and many  more.

Capturing Vermont on Canvas

Charles Pruitt our Artist-in-Residence

Here at West Hill House we are delighted to be hosting artist Charles N. Pruitt, a West Texas native, born in 1941 near the small farming and ranching community of Colorado City, Texas. An award winning artist, Charles enjoys painting primarily landscapes of the Southwest however from  August 24-26, 2010 he will once again be turning his brush and oil paints to the wonderful Vermont scenery in the Green Mountains.

As our Artist-in-Residence Charles will be conducting plein air workshops and demonstrations as well as providing individual guidance to both novice and experienced oil painters. The location will be the beautiful gardens of West Hill House.

We are fortunate to have several of his paintings currently on loan and gracing the walls of the B&B giving guests a glimpse of  the special treat we have in store this August. Even if you are not staying with us you are welcome to come and view his paintings – please call to confirm a time.

Workshop Dates: August 24, 25 & 26, 2010

      Time: 11 till 3 each day



  • $60 per day (including lunch)
  • $150 for all 3 days (including lunch)Special: $50 for all 3 days with a 3-night stay

Please call to book: 802-496-7162.          Spaces are limited.

Participants should bring your own easel, canvas, paints, brushes etc. and a stool.

Fall Foliage

November 7, 2009 by Peter MacLaren

Bring on the leaves!
Bring on the leaves!
Leak raving - 09

Off to the compost!

What better way to celebrate autumn than to frolic in fall foliage! With huge maple trees surrounding the B&B we get our fair share of leaves on the ground. Many thanks to the couples who took us up on our “Leak Raving” special and joined us in getting our lawns and gardens ready for winter. All our autumn leaves were raked and deposited in the compost and none too soon!

Yesterday morning we awoke to just enough snow on the ground to remind us that the wonderful winter days are just around the corner. It’s not to early to start thinking about reserving a room with us for your winter vacation. Relaxation starts at West Hill House in the Mad River Valley in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Look Who’s Getting Married!

June 1, 2009 by Peter MacLaren

Mozart 1756-91

Mozart 1756-91

What marriage was created in 1784, perfected in 1786 and is just as good today as it was then?  Give up? Why the Marriage of Figaro! Based on a 1784 play, Mozart created this comic opera which continues to be enjoyed today.

The Marriage of Figaro is coming to the Mad River Valley complete with professional opera singers.

If you adore opera or if you’re not sure about opera,  here’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about opera from the experts in a relaxed yet professional setting. Guests in the Mad River Valley are invited to attend open rehearsals, sit in on master opera classes, and participate in numerous other opera related activities between May 28 and June 21, 2009.

The full fledged opera will be staged on June 19 and 21 and tickets range from $10 -yes $10! to $50.

Check out the line-up of events and the West Hill House website for our special.

Backyard birds

May 14, 2009 by Peter MacLaren

Peter’s mum had a little saying for this time of year, “Spring has sprung, the grass is ris, I wonder where the birdies is.” Well, some of the birdies are in the trees at West Hill House and can be enjoyed from the comfort of our Sun Room on blustery days and the garden on fine days. Binoculars and a bird book are at the ready giving guests the opportunity to check out the local bird scene around the inn. Today we saw hungry nuthatches, fat robins, a noisy blue jay, and a brilliant yellow goldfinch. yellow-bellied-sapsucker1The goldfinch was amazingly bright, it looked like a sunbeam that had escaped from the sun. It sat in a nearby branch and preened for a few minutes giving us the opportunity to get a good look at this bright visitor. We have also been visited by a yellow-bellied sapsucker which, for some reason, though it might be productive to search for sap in the railing of our deck!

If you enjoy birding there are many places here in the Mad River Valley to go bird watching so grab your  binoculars and  bird book and book your room at West Hill House B&B, we’re an excellent home-base for your birding expedition.